27 January 2011

Colette Patterns Spring Palette Challenge

I'm going to participate in the Colette Patterns Spring Palette Challenge so I can finally get my Sencha pattern sewn (and make a few new things for the wardrobe with fabric mostly from my 'to do' stash).  It will be an Autumn palette for me in Australia with jewel-toned 1950's florals and a neutral Sencha top.  Week One is for putting together a palette and inspiration board.  Here's mine:

I'm going to attempt to make 2 skirts, the Collette Sencha top above with cording in a similar neutral shade, and a pair of fabric covered shoes.

Photo credits clockwise from top left:
Clothespin Gale Parker, Jigsaw Autumn 2010, Donna Flower (2 photos), My photo, BurdaStyle, Fabric Covered Shoes: Make Your Own, Colette Patterns blog: Vintage Details, Surface Cording Tutorial. Publicity still from the Jane Campion movie 'Bright Star'

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comments over on my blog!! Can't wait to see your fabric covered shoes!! I love your veggie garden posts. I'm a bit of a gardener myself (with varying degrees of success!!). We're at opposite ends of the gardening year though. Over here we're still having frosts and haven't even started sowing under glass yet. About another month I shall make a start in preparation for Spring sowings. It's quite funny to see a garden in full flower when plant life is still sleeping the winter out over here!