01 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hi everyone. The blog has taken a back seat since I have been back to full time work, as have the sewing and early stages of the veggie gardening this spring. I had to buy a few punnets of seedlings for the first time ever this spring to supplement what I had time to grow from seed. I got over it quickly once I started harvesting pre-Christmas.

Here are a few pics of the veggie patch almost five months after the last post. The veggies are definately benefitting from the removal of a large privet tree on the neighbor's side of the fence - many more full sun hours. This will probably be the last post again for a while since I'm back to work on Tuesday. Have a very happy and healthy 2012.
 Leeks left to flower for the bees, apple cucumber, zucchini

 Lettuce, rainbow chard, beetroot, capsicum, tomatoes, fig in white pot

climbing beans, strawberries, squash, tomatoes, spinach, artichoke, basil

purple bean flower, Mai li

  Purple King beans
BTW - My little asparagus corner yielded 1.8 kilos this year! Not bad for less than a square metre in it's fourth year since planting and second year of harvesting. Photos from September below (I can't believe how much everything has grown!).