08 September 2010


In the past week I got to spend some time at one of the most beautiful spots in the world, Point Nepean.  A few years back locals and others joined together to save this area from being sold by the government to private developers.  As a result of their actions, the Commonwealth Government handed over management of the area to Parks Victoria as to become part of Point Nepean National Park. Last year, the old Quarantine Station and Army barracks were open to the public as part of a major re-furbishment of this culturally, historically and environmentally sensitive area.  This is a different kind of fabric for this blog: cultural fabric - the heritage places that make up our collective history.  It's an amazing spot and some of the buildings are being converted into National Park accomodation, affordable to luxury, but all open to the public.  The photo above is a view of the bay through the incredible old Moonah trees, gnarled by the sea wind.
 The Commanding Officer's quarters built in 1899.
The view towards Portsea and the Mornington Peninsula.
A rainbow over the parade grounds and an 1850's cottage.
The Bathing Complex chimney seen through the gnarled trunks of very old Monterey Cyprusses.
A high window in the passenger waiting room building.
An old but intact army shed.

For more information about the park and the quarantine station, go to:

04 September 2010

California Dreamin'

If I was in L.A. ... I would brave the traffic East of the 405 and run to this shop!  Gale Parker, former Andy Warhol muse and editor of Vogue, has an amazing looking store called Clothespin on where-else...Melrose Boulevard in West Hollywood.  She sells her own line of clothing (made from antique fabric), vintage accessories AND 4-yard cuts of delicious looking French 30's to 50's rayon.  No online store (and no prices on the website - be afraid) so us Aussies will just have to drool.  I love the fact that vintage is being spun as 'carbon neutral'. HAHAHAHA say the ghosts of garment-workers past! I stumbled across an article about the store in the fashion section of the L.A. Times website whilst printing the Sunday crossword.  Fifteen years in Oz and I still can't get my brain around an Australian crossword! Here are some pics from the Clothespin facebook site (hopefully it's kosher to post these here - I'll remove them if not). This is definitely my style - chunky-heeled boots and girly vintage!