22 April 2011

Garden Friends

A dragonfly

One of a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets who have been singing to me the past few weeks. I throw snails and wormy tomatoes on the carport roof for them.

A grasshopper on the wheelie bin.

A very tidy Golden Orb-Weaving Spider. Scary but harmless and helpful! I saw it consuming a wasp in its web a few weeks ago. It is about the size of the palm of my hand.

15 April 2011

Pretty in Pink

I haven't blogged for a while - there hasn't been much to blog about! I just finished a couple of jersey dresses for an upcoming warm-weather holiday.  Pink isn't a colour I usually wear, but I was inspired by Pantone's colour of the year: Honeysuckle:
 I took my time with this dress after sewing the wrong sides together on the first bits I sewed.  It's definately easier sewing fabric with obvious right and wrong sides. This one was okay too once I paid a bit more attention. I did one section at a time over a few weeks and sometimes just let it sit for 4 or 5 days.  It's one of the first things I've made that actually looks like the pattern envelope (below)!

Here's the back:
And a close up of the bow with bead finish (saved from an old pair of gym pants):
I also made a quick beach cover-up jersey dress from McCalls Easy 'stich n'save' pattern 6264:
A close up of the bow trim:
The fabric for both dresses was from Dancing Queen in Fitzroy.  She's in a great new space and getting more classes started! I just signed up for a pattern-making course that will start soon.  It's best to drop in or ring Lisa if you're interested in classes since they're not on the web site.  She's more industry-oriented and full of great advice, tips and tricks geared toward professional sewistas!  I find the finish on my garment is ever-so-much better when I get a little helping hand.