25 December 2010

Merry Xmas

Happy Holidays from my garden to yours!

16 December 2010

Brisbane Gates

Here are some photos I took last year in Brisbane while wandering in Farm Town.  I love going for walks with no destination when I'm travelling to discover how people really live.  I was drawn to the bright turquoise and yellow colours and interesting patterns of the gates and fences. Very different from Melbourne's more conservative European style.  It's amazing how brave people get with colour in warmer climates!

11 December 2010

Aunt Judy's Apron

I made a gardening apron for my Aunt Judy's birthday in October, but haven't had a chance to post it until now.  Here's Aunt Judy in her apron in front of part of her veggie garden in Bahia de Kino, Mexico:
I filled the pockets with some plant tags, hand lotion for after gardening, and the gloves that she's wearing.  She grew the canteloupe she's holding!  Here's the apron on the mannequin before I sent it:
A close-up of little decorative buttons I put on one the top pocket (sorry about the blurry photo!):
It has lots of handy pockets and an adjustable tie.  The pattern was Butterick Waverly B5506:
I shortened the pattern by a huge amount - at least 15cm.  It was below the knee and that seemed like it would be awkward for gardening.  The fabric is a licensed reproduction of an 18th century pattern called 'Magnolia Vine from  Windham Fabrics'  Colonial Williamsburg collection.  The ladies at Highly Sprung Furniture (great name!) in Kew were kind enough to let me look at ends of rolls at a huge discount since this fabric normally sells for about $130 per metre.  Thank you!  The faux-suede is a wool fabric I used for a hat earlier this year and had some pieces left. It's such a great feeling to give a hand-made gift and I'm glad it's being used and enjoyed!