26 May 2011

Boroondara Sustainability Award

Thank you to the City of Boroondara! I just found out that I received a special commendation in the 2010 Sustainability Awards, Sustainable Gardens category 'For showing how tenants can improve common areas and fostering a sense of community through productive gardening.' This also goes to my partner John who built the raised beds and helps out with seed every year, Alan next door who looks after the compost heap and my landlord who has let me do what I want with the backyard.  It's mostly my baby, but I do share a backyard with two neighbors and wouldn't be able to do it if they weren't in favour of having it there.

These are the photos from my submission last December:

Building the raised patch from old sleepers
There was an old asbestos shed in this spot that had to be removed. The landlord was completely agreeable to a veggie patch being built on the site.  The old clothes-washing copper from the shed now has plants in it (lower right). 
Climbers by the carport
Heritage varieties of green beans, eggplant, asparagus, peppers and basil.  You can get creative with where to grow food when you have limited space.
 Potatoes in Autumn 2010
 ‘Listada di gandia’ heritage variety eggplant
Spring onions, heritage lettuce varieties, nasturtium, broccoli, beetroot leaves
Green Manure crop grown in Winter 2010
This was dug into the garden to add nitrogen and improve the soil texture
A local visitor
We always have interesting birds and bugs in the garden!

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