22 October 2010

Halloween 1919 style

This is my grandmother and a neighbor at Halloween circa 1919.  My grandmother is on the right - I think about 3 years old. How costumes have changed!  It's hard to see here, but my grandmother is wearing little lace-up ankle boots and there is a black cat stuffed animal next to her.  I think they are holding moons on sticks and those are probably their masks and jack-o-lanterns for trick-or-treating hanging behind them.  This is the only holiday that I really miss from the U.S. I was so excited to get 4 trick-or-treaters last year here in Melbourne! It's not quite the same though - kids don't put the same effort into their costumes and you would never see an adult dressed up (boo-hoo!).  Of course, there is no historical context for it here since they didn't burn witches! It would be like a cricket match at Dodger stadium (now THAT would be funny).

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