16 July 2010

Sublime Embroidery

I decided to embroider my jeans jacket for my third Sublime Stitching embroidery project. After carefully following the instructions for the iron-on transfer, I discovered that the pattern was almost invisible on the denim. Oh no! A visit to a local embroidery shop got me set up with sheer dissolvable stabiliser fabric and a wash-out transfer pen.  I traced the pattern onto the stabiliser, pinned it on and was ready to go (if anyone knows of stabiliser that irons-on and washes out, please let me know - I think it may not be chemically possible).  When I finished, I cut most of the stabiliser away, soaked it in cold water and all the remaining bits were gone!

The book: Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart
Transfers are in the back of the book with a handy storage pocket for after they've been cut out.  Each transfer can be used a few times.

Ready to soak. The final product after cutting away most of the stabiliser.

After soaking away the stabiliser and hanging to dry.

The finished (for now) project.

I might go over the purple and blue body outlined in a lighter colour so they stand out more.  The beads on the the head plumes are from an old pair of 1960's clip-on earrings that were falling apart. Next, I'll do something on the front pockets, or maybe more on the back.  My Aunt Judy just sent me a fantastic package with things that she had sewn and embroidered and a heap of great embroidery floss!  Plenty to keep me busy for a while on cold Melbourne nights.

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  1. Wow! It looks awesome! I have a bit of a thing for peacocks myself.