02 June 2010

1940's Patterns Arrived!

Two 1940's patterns I ordered from Mom's Patterns just arrived! She's great to order from - reasonable shipping and only four days to get here from the U.S. from the day I ordered.  John saw me looking at them and said "This is like your porn, isn't it?" HAHAHAHA. In a way... 
Vogue 6140
"Easy-to-Make" Negligee or Housecoat

New York Pattern 760
Ladies' and Misses' Dress (in either of two lengths) or Smock

There's a great project on the BurdaStyle site called the Work Dress (photo credit: Martyna Szczesnaon Flickr - Work Dress.

Very 1940's in sensibility - a durable knee-length dress to work in with very cool simple styling.  I helped my partner pick out a new suit yesterday and I always marvel at the amount of purpose-built hidden pockets in men's jackets.  This dress has pockets for everything (maybe a few too many for me - I don't think I could reach the one on the back). It's very Rosie the Riveter meets 2010.  I'm a horticulturalist and never have a good place to put all the things I use frequently: secateurs, gloves, plant tags, waterproof pens, seed packets, notebook, hand spade, plant ties, camera.  I constantly have to move bits and pieces from place to place in a garden. I think I'll make one in the Spring!


  1. I love that vogue pattern 6140. It is one of two I have been looking for, for years for personal family reasons. If you ever wish to sell this I would be interested in buying it from you or pay you to make me a copy of it and the instructions. I know you haven't had it very long to probably even make it yet, but I've been looking for over 10 years now, so a few more months won't kill my sister and I. (warm smile) Let me know.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I'll see how I go with it after I've made it. Maybe we could do a swap of pattern copies!

  3. I would also be interested in buying a copy of the vogue 6140 - I've been looking for a pattern from a movie outfit and this looks like the one!