05 April 2010

50's Style

I finished the Linda skirt I've been working on for my BurdaStyle sewing group.  Very 50's!

Linda Skirt

Here's another project from earlier this summer using 50's bark cloth:

I had a dress from Aardvark's Odd Ark that was way too big.  I took it apart and used the 'How to make an elasticated waist skirt' technique on the BurdaStyle website.  I've been shopping vintage 50's since the 80's in L.A. and Aardvark's was always my first stop.  The original $15 dress that this fabric came from was one of the reasons I started sewing two years ago.  It is VERY rare to find something vintage that you love that also fits and is in wearable condition.  If it's mint (usually dead stock) it's also très cher$$$.  I decided it was time to start sewing and altering my own vintage goodies.  I had a dozen vintage patterns and many metres of fabric before I had my first lesson.  Two years down the track and I'm finally feeling comfortable enough to cut and sew the vintage, one-of-a-kind fabrics in my collection.  I love the wild, hand-painted-look pattern of this fabric and the fact that I'm the only one who has one!

Next time...Autumn in the veggie garden.


  1. Great fabric, great pattern and great idea for using already sewn fabric. Love Your Blog ---Aunt Judy

  2. Great idea, great fabric, great pattern. Love your new Blog ----