18 March 2010

Turnips and Toile

My brother used to say that I should have a TV show called 'Mel makes a mess'.  At the time he was referring to gardening and cooking.  Well, I'm still making a mess in the garden and sometimes in the kitchen, but also at the sewing machine the last two years. Hence the blog name - Turnips and Toile.

I am fearless and creative with anything plant-related, especially in my veggie patch.  I have heirloom 'Listada de Gandia' striped eggplant growing with Purple Basil, Easter-egg Radish and Green Zebra tomatoes.  The fig cuttings I struck last year are now fruiting shrubs.  Mangelwurzel, Daikon radish and yes, Turnips have been planted for the winter.  However... the sewing table is a different story.  I am a sewing tyro with vintage coutoure taste in patterns.  I have a new machine, an overlocker and all the accessories but limited knowledge of what to do with them.  I mostly live in jeans and a t-shirt.  This is another creative outlet for me and maybe a chance to spruce up my wardrobe a bit.

My fantasy...veggie gardening in my 1940's Nora Charles-style robe.

Nick and Nora Charles and Asta in 'The Thin Man'.  Aren't they divine?

The problem...I'm terrified of cutting the fabric and making a mistake with the tres expensive fabric. Thank you to the girls at the Melbourne Burdastyle Sewing Group for strongly suggesting that I make a toile for every garment. This was after a moment of silence when I confessed that I had yet to make a garment that didn't involve hours of ripping out stiches and re-sewing.
  • Toile - n. A sheer fabric, such as linen or cotton; a test garment made by a dressmaker in cheap material.
Solution...I'm going to make toiles (aka, muslins) for the scary garments.  And then adjust them on my sewing mannequin. And then sew the real ones.   

My goal...Turnips and Toile.

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